Enflection closely tracks the rapidly evolving solar and storage marketplace, the regulatory and legal environments they operate in, and the leading public and private decision-makers we work with. Below are some recent notable articles that have influenced our thinking.

A case on imported solar cells will put Trump’s promise on ‘America first’ to the test

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PRESIDENT TRUMP has what might seem like an irresistible opportunity for a populist climate-change denier: to crack down on imports and harm the effort to combat climate change all at once. Yet even the briefest of looks shows that slapping tariffs on imported solar cells, as he has been urged to do, would harm far more Americans than it could possibly help.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce joins anti-solar crusade

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the latest conservative group to start spreading anti-solar messages. In an email sent to supporters on Wednesday, the chamber attacks net metering, a policy in place in many states that pays people with solar panels on their roofs for the electricity they feed into the grid. The group also posted a video on YouTube last week making its anti-net metering case. This is fairly new territory for the chamber, according to energy regulation experts.