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Solar Co-ops Spread Across Virginia

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The nonprofit group VA SUN is helping Virginians across the state convert to solar power. They’re using a co-op model that brings residents together to bargain for competitive prices and advocate for clean energy. Virginia Currents producer Catherine Komp has more.

Community solar, hype or hope?

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By Amit Ronen

The solar energy world is buzzing about community solar. The concept, which also goes by the now interchangeable designations of shared solar and solar gardens, has even attracted mainstream attention. An Associated Press headline last March declared “New concept in solar energy poised to catch on across US”, and similar articles have recently graced publications such as the Washington Post and USA Today.

ITC extension ‘highly unlikely, but not impossible’ to be dismantled by Trump

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The five-year investment tax credit (ITC) extension was a strong victory for solar, but is not completely safe from being dismantled by a future US president, according to Amit Ronen, director of the George Washington University Solar Institute. Ronen was involved with some of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ push for the recent ITC extension and authored the 2008 8-year ITC extension when he worked for Senator Cantwell.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce joins anti-solar crusade

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the latest conservative group to start spreading anti-solar messages. In an email sent to supporters on Wednesday, the chamber attacks net metering, a policy in place in many states that pays people with solar panels on their roofs for the electricity they feed into the grid. The group also posted a video on YouTube last week making its anti-net metering case. This is fairly new territory for the chamber, according to energy regulation experts.